Video Amazonia Indigena

The National Museum of the American Indian — part of the Smithsonian Institution — is sponsoring a film festival with the title Vídeo Amazônia Indígena: A View from the Villages, which will showcase award-winning productions by indigenous videomakers of the Brazilian Amazon. The showcase is intended to honor the work of the independent media organization Vídeo Nas Aldeias (VNA), Video in the Villages, which for twenty years has provided video training and production support to indigenous mediamakers in the Brazilian Amazon. Indigenous videomakers from Ashaninka, Hunikui, Ikpeng, Kuikuro, and Xavante communities will be present at the festival.

The films will be shown in various venues in New York City from May 1 to May 5, 2008, and in various venues in the Washington, DC, area from May 6 to May 11, 2008. The schedule for New York City is here, and that for the DC area is here. Admission is free. Check it out.

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